keskiviikko 19. tammikuuta 2022

Did Beethoven invent music?

Someone wrote in an Youtube commentary of a Beethoven quartet that Beethoven not only foresaw but also invented a great deal of music that came after him. It might be as it is hard to imagine symphonies, string quartets or piano sonatas without him. Yet Schubert at least had a different path from that of Beethoven and so did Liszt, Wagner and I suppose Chopin. I reckon Schumann and Berlioz were also quite independent musical inventors. Bruckner inherited from both Schubert and Beethoven, Brahms from Beethoven and Schumann. Bruckner had nothing to do with Wagner but admiration and some instrumentation.

Bruckner in turn influenced Mahler at least in scope, but not much in else with the exception of inspiration from nature. Both men but especially Mahler had an influence on Shostakovich, and Bruckner in turn made an impression on Sibelius. Sibelius and Mahler were contemporaries and contradictions in philosophy and approach.

Of course Beethoven was a great influence on many a composer, but inventor of new forms he hardly was safe for a symphony with singers. Haydn was in this respect more important as he was the father of string quartets and symphonies in classical form, and he was preceded by Corelli who invented the sonata form.