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Some of the finest orchestral Ravel ever recorded

A cd collector who started one´s collection already in the 80s and 90s, the Penguin Guide and Gramophone magazine were the bible. And this Bible didn't treat Seiji Ozawa especially well, at least when it came to his recordings of Maurice Ravel. Maybe by that time Ozawa was taken as granted as a part of the furniture. By that time the newly minted Charles Dutoit recordings were the proud bearers of the modern standard, and very fine they were and still are. Nevertheless, some of these recordings more than hold their own.

It is possible to imagine recordings of similar lofty standards of La Valse, Menuet Antique, Alborada del Gracioso, Pavane or Daphnis et Chloe Second suite but not much finer. The 70s Boston Symphony was a band of significant refinement, having been the world's prime French orchestra since Koussevitzky, and Charles Münch only rectified this status. Recordings are also some of the DG:s finest of the 70s. 

This is exquisite, a box of ear candy and heartily recommended.  

My review of a double decker of Maurice Ravel´s orchestral music by Boston Symphony, conducted by Seiji Ozawa can be read at

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