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An ideal introduction to Delius

A good friend of mine who has for a long time been an English music enthusiast has tried to endorse me the music of Frederick Delius. So far he has not struck a chord for me. Until I saw this one cd compilation, very handsomely priced. I expected a convincing advocacy as Davis is a strong champion of British music, a direct tradition bearer of Beecham, Barbirolli and Sargent and later Handley and Groves.

In many of the known quotes by the conductor sir Thomas Beecham the Brits do not like music but the noice it makes. That has been my impression of most of the British music for decades, and Delius embodies that. It sounds music but had hardly left any lasting impression on me, that formless walloping of landscape evocations.

Having long since developed a more positive relationship with British music, this Delius disc opened the door to Delius´music. Delius´music is rich in elements, or influences: there are shades of Sibelius, Grieg, Debussy, Richard Strauss, even Gershwin. And Davis and his BBC orchestra makes full justice to this music. They play gorgeously and are richly recorded. This one cd is an ideal introduction to the world of Delius.

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