lauantai 14. lokakuuta 2017

Glories of the early digital era

If Ravel's oeuvre is desired, this is as essential as Richard Strauss by Rudolf Kempe, Bruckner by Eugen Jochum or Arthur Schnabel's Beethoven Sonatas. There may be some more incandescent individual recorindgs of some works, but Ma Mere can not possible be bettered. It is a modern classic and one of the glories of the early digital era. Also Daphnis is comparable to the classic Münch account. Both playing and recordingwise this defines the state of the art. Now my older Martinon set sounds a bit rusty compared to this, good though it is, but indeed the playing of the French orchestras is somewhat square compared to the Montreal orchestra. Finally this found its way home as I already should have owned it for a quarter of a century.

My review as released at Amazon can also be read by clicking the headline of this posting.

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